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Ready To Go Rustic

Rustic and farmhouse interior design are still in, and it isn’t going anywhere any time soon! If you’re ready to hop on board this trend, try introducing some of our favorite ideas into a room

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Market Commentary October 15 2019

As we discussed last week, President Trump’s abrupt decision to pull American troops out of Northern Syria has instigated near-instantaneous anarchy in the region while eliminating any remaining

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Catching A Leak

One of the more challenging parts of being a homeowner is when something goes wrong or breaks, you’re in charge of fixing it. And unfortunately, one of the most common issues can be the hardest to

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Market Commentary October 7 2019

Today, let’s talk Turkey. And Syria. And Iraq. President Trump’s Sunday night decision to withdraw US troops from northeastern Syria, greenlighting a Turkish invasion of Kurdish-held

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